About the U.S. Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Activities Recovery Registry (HTTA.US)

HTTA.US is the result of the collaboration of two companies, VisitorTix and Places.Events, competitors who were capable of setting aside their natural opposition in order to produce an impactful tool meant to help our industry’ long-term recovery.

We determined that Covid-19 wasn’t only creating massive waves of lay-offs within our industry ranks, it was also destroying the pool of talent which was gained over decades of incredible growth. Supply “demand” would eventually come back, industry-related job openings would sporadically reappear, but for each day passing before we’d get to that point, thousands from the talent pool, who simply cannot wait indefinitely on the sidelines, would be gone for good from our industry.

This benevolent website starts as a rudimentary database with lots of potential. At launch, it is a robust industry “RECOVERY REGISTRY” meant to keep communication channels open between the most affected (the unemployed and furloughed) with the historically most resilient (Trade Associations and Destination Management entities).

We intend on expanding our collaboration and invite additional competitors, partners and sponsors to help create additional functionalities we believe could be useful fast: educational opportunities, regional recovery charts, job boards, virtual suggestion boxes so that the best ideas from our peers can be expressed and perhaps put into execution.

The original HTTA.US press release

About VisitorTix - a pioneering Tour & Activities online ticket sales facilitator launched in February 2020, providing B2B marketplaces capabilities. Its first marketplace integration Case Study with the popular WhereTraveler.com© (the US digital arm of Where© Magazine), is scheduled for release soon.

About Places.Events - launched in December 2019, it is a B2C website designed to simplify the search and booking of activities and events for travelers. Places.Events brings together the world of concerts, festivals, art exhibitions, sports, local and free events, with the world of sightseeing tours and key attractions, on a single platform.

For VisitorTix:
Bruce Amick - CEO / Co-Founder - 30+ years industry experience in live entertainment; past president of Broadway.com, founder of Broadway Inbound, live ticketing API pioneer.
Jonathan Elkoubi - CCO / Co-Founder - 15+ years industry experience covering many facets of the industry, from Receptive/Inbound Tour Operator to Restaurant, Attractions and OTAs.

For Places.Events:
Marina Petrova - Managing Partner / Founder - 20+ years of experience working with customers in more than 50 countries. Digital marketing professional, founder of New York Online.