Gig Opportunity #1: Hunterz

June 17, 2020

New York, NY, June 16th, 2020 - The road to recovery has yet to be paved for many and might require intermediary steps, such as “gigs”, to provide income opportunities while you await jobs within the Travel sector to open up again.

With no further ado, we would like to announce our partnership with, our first gig partner and an endorser of the HTTA.US initiative. The concept is radical but simple:

Receive $650 for each introduction you make resulting in a conversation between their large pool of startup clients and those startup ideal target companies. Make your personal and professional connections work in your favor! Hunterz is committed to increasing its pool of startup clients developing Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Activities related technology to grow a constant flow of opportunities for HTTA registrants and ease their recovery.

Furthermore, Hunterz will match a small part of the paid proceed to help offset HTTA.US operating costs.

Click HERE to start your Hunterz journey today!

*(Registration process length: 2 minutes) *

The HTTA Team