Mentions of HTTA.US - press / webinars / blogs (updated 7/29/2020)

July 6, 2020

Connect Travel Inbound Report

July 21st 2020:

Tourism Strong

July 20th 2020: "Our Top 3" - Episode 2: HTTA.US

Buzz.Travel Live Expo 2020

July 1st 2020: What’s next for shows and live performances

July 3rd 2020: The Future of Working in Travel


June 10th 2020:

Connect Travel Inbound Report

May 26th 2020:


May 21st 2020:

The Travel Vertical

April 28th 2020:


April 23rd 2020:

The original article announcing the launch of the U.S. Hospitality, Travel, Tourism and Activities Recovery Registry (HTTA.US):

April 16th 2020: