Welcome to the U.S. Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Activities Recovery Registry (HTTA)

May 23, 2020 Welcome to the U.S. Hospitality, Tourism, Travel and Activities Recovery Registry (HTTA)

Our mission is simple:

providing relief to the unemployed and furloughed of the US Travel sector.


We aim to connect impacted individuals with the right type of opportunities as soon as they arise:
  • _ Leadership and guidance from leading organizations and entities which are representative of the various industries composing the Travel.
  • _ Relevant resources to weather the storm (educational opportunities, mental health, legal, etc...)
  • _ Up-to-date news on the recovery of the Travel-related workforce
  • _ Volunteering and mentoring matchmaking
  • _ Regional and National "Gig" listings and temporary work assignments
  • _ New jobs within Travel, once demand and recovery is underway

Why registering today matters:

Registration not only allows us and the organizations you select during the process to communicate with you, it also allows us to compile basic anonymous data. We intend to share this data in order to gain a much stronger understanding of how to better serve registrants: which regions are seeing the most nefarious impact, which type of jobs are most impacted, which transferable skills are most present within the talent pool to seek gig opportunities for registrants. Data is key to making decisions meant to benefit you.

When do you intend on closing the registry?:

This initiative never had a closing date in mind and the database powering the registry can sustain a number of registrations exceeding the total US population. We would like this database to be put to use whenever a regional, national or even global event disrupts the Travel Sector, helping shape a faster recovery for those impacted. Covid-19 isn't the first crisis we are facing, and it probably won't be the last either. So let's be prepared with tools which can negate the most adverse effects of this vicious cycle.